Department of Veda

Devendra Prasad Mishra
Prof. Devendra Prasad Mishra
Head of the Department
Professor-Department of Veda
14.09.2023 to 13.09.2026
  1. Year of Establishment -1971
  2. The Dept. of Veda exists since the establishment of this University. The Veda is an ancient text in the worldliterature. Veda as well as Vedic Culture is the inner soul of the country. Therefore India is called Jagadguru of the Universe. The Dept. of Veda works as the protector to save the ancient recitation of Veda and interpretation of Veda rituals.
  3. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are widely described in Vedas. Sadachara is also described as the root cause of the smooth life, upliftment of the universe, happiness and peacefulness etc. Non-existence of studying and teaching of Veda and not performing of vedic rituals are the only reason for the present polluted word.
    Lack of forgiveness and helpfulness in the world kept the people away from the culture. To reestablish these vedic cultures we should study veda by which the universe will get more happiness.
  4. Hundreds of students of this University having studied Veda, living in many parts of the world are engaged in propagating the Vedic cultures and doing good deeds. The soul aim of the Veda Department is to sow these cultures and purified thought in the mind of the people. Availabilities of Infrastructure and Admission
  5. Even though there was an initial plan to teach all the four Veda, at present the Shukla-Yajurveda is only been taught. 15 seats are allotted for each classes (Shastri & Acharya). The Vidyapeetha has right to increase the seats from time to time.

    One vedic ritual Paurnamaseshti had organised on 06-01-1996, in the vidyapeeth (University) campus presance of Former vice-chancellor Late Prof. Vachaspati Upadhyay. Various Sanskrit scholar from all over india was attened this.

    There is a literary Association called Dhivardhini-Sabha for the students to improve their knowledge. Speech competitions in Sanskrit among the students are being organized in the presence of the departmental teachers. The teachers also give their useful suggestions to the students to improve their knowledge.

Study Material/References

S. No.TitleDownload
1Ishti PrayogDownload (749.24 KB) pdf
2Introduction to YajanapatrasDownload (97.65 KB) pdf
3Yajanapatra 1-10Download (52.45 KB) pdf
4Yajanapatra 11-20Download (51.56 KB) pdf
5Yajanapatra 21-28Download (62.84 KB) pdf
6Yajanapatra 29-34Download (47.71 KB) pdf
7Yajanapatra 35-36(Rath & Shakat)Download (48.42 KB) pdf
8Yajanapatra 37-40Download (35.01 KB) pdf
9Yajanapatra 41-46Download (32.97 KB) pdf
10Yajanapatra 47-55Download (46.98 KB) pdf
11Yajanapatra 56-60Download (38.6 KB) pdf
12AGNISHTOM-VEDIDownload (77.44 KB) pdf
13PRASTAR-1Download (73.44 KB) pdf
14PRASTAR-2Download (90.35 KB) pdf
15PRASTAR-3Download (67.86 KB) pdf
16PRASTAR-4Download (81.99 KB) pdf
17PRASTAR-5Download (95.01 KB) pdf

Faculty Details

S. No. Photo Name Department Designation
1 Gopal Prasad Sharma Prof. Gopal Prasad Sharma Department of Veda PROFESSOR
2 Ramanuj Upadhyaya Prof. Ramanuj Upadhyaya Department of Veda PROFESSOR
3 Devendra Prasad Mishra Dr. Devendra Prasad Mishra Department of Veda PROFESSOR
4 Sunder Narayan Jha Dr. Sunder Narayan Jha Department of Veda PROFESSOR
5 Hanuman Mishra Dr. Hanuman Mishra Department of Veda PROFESSOR