School of Darshan

Ten subjects are being taught under eight departments in our Darshan Faculty. These eight departments are the following:- Nyaya-Vaisesika, Sankhya Yoga, Advaitavedanta, Vishishtadvaitavedant, Jaindarshan, Sarvadarshan, Mimansa and Yoga. study of different traditions of various ancient Indian knowledge is being taught in our faculty. Basically this faculty is doing deep research on Indian philosophical genres and is continuously generating knowledge relevant to the society Nyaya Nyaya-Vaishesika, Sankhya Yoga, Advaitavedanta, Visistadvaitavedant, Jaindarshan, Sarvadarshan, Mimansa and Yoga is working on creating specialist in their respective fields. Yoga department works on imparting competence in Hath Yoga system. Sarvdarshan imparts general knowledge and special knowledge of all Indian philosophies.