The Administration Section is an important unit of the University. Administration which functions under overall supervision of Registrar. The Assistant Registrar (Administration) is the Sectional in-charge, supervising the works of the Section under the control of Deputy Registrar (Administration). The Section is primarily responsible for implementation of rules and regulations and policies of University as per its Memorandum of Association, University Grants Commission, regulatory bodies and Government of India in matters relating to establishment and employees services.

Administration Units of SLBSNSU are dealing with the following works:-

  1. All service matters of Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff
  2. Allotment of Staff Quarters
  3. Policy matters relating to functioning of the University
  4. Training Policy
  5. Welfare
  6. Faculty Affairs
  7. Manpower Planning/Outsourcing 
  8. Security
  9. Liveries
  10. Verification of stores
  11. Audit
  12. NAAC/Review Committee
  13. Hindi Raj Bhasha
  14. Parliament matters
  15. VIP matters
  16. Vigilance matters
  17. Convocation
  18. Implementation of Reservation policy
  19. SC/ST Cell
  20. Complaint Committee
  21. Cadre Review Committee
  22. Framing of Bye-Laws Recruitment Rules of the Institution
  23. All legal matters in co-ordination with Standing Counsel of the University,
  24. RTI Act, 2005
  25. Liasioning with the  University Grants Commission & MHRD
  26. to deal with the various committees  constituted from time to time by the UGC/Ministry,
  27. to prepare various important proposals/agenda/minutes of the meetings
  28. to deal with the matters relating of the day to day affairs relating to the academic activities of the University,

Staff Details

S. No. Photo Name Department Designation
1 Shri Upparapally Kumar Swamy Administration ATTENDANT HEALTH CARE
2 Ms. Neha Gusain Administration PERSONAL ASSISTANT
3 Shri Sharwan Kumar Administration STAFF CAR DRIVER
4 Shri Gangadhar Muduli Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
5 Smt. Pratibha Administration UPPER DIVISION CLERK
6 Shri Nitin Nager Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
7 Shri Ashok Kumar Administration ASSISTANT
8 Shri Mathura Prasad Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
9 Shri Raj Kumar Administration SECTION OFFICER
10 Shri Rohit Vashist Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
11 Smt. Richa Bhasin Administration LOWER DIVISION CLERK
12 Shri Nawal Singh Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
13 Smt. Vandana Administration SECTION OFFICER
14 Shri Rajesh Kumar Administration ASSISTANT REGISTRAR
15 Shri Vaibhav Khanna Administration LOWER DIVISION CLERK
16 Shri Amit Kumar Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
17 Shri Pramod Chaturvedi Administration PRIVATE SECRETARY
18 Shri Shambhu Dutt Administration COOK
19 Shri Sreenath K. Nair Administration UPPER DIVISION CLERK
20 Shri Dinesh Kumar Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
21 Shri Virender Kumar Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
22 Shri Manjit Singh Administration ASSISTANT REGISTRAR
23 Shri Raj Kumar Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
24 Smt. Preeti Yadav Administration ASSISTANT
25 Shri Bheem Singh Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
26 Smt. Savitri Kumari Administration SECTION OFFICER
27 Shri Daya Chand Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
28 Shri Nitesh Administration LOWER DIVISION CLERK
29 Shri Tilak Raj Administration ASSISTANT
30 Shri Ram Milan Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
31 Smt. Bharti Tripathi Administration ASSISTANT REGISTRAR
32 Shri Lokesh Administration LOWER DIVISION CLERK
33 Shri Kangkan Nath Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
34 Smt. Himani Shadani Administration PRIVATE SECRETARY
35 Shri Jai Prakash Singh Administration ASSISTANT REGISTRAR
36 Smt. Deepika Rana Administration LOWER DIVISION CLERK
37 Shri Binod Kumar Nath Administration MULTI TASKING STAFF
38 Shri Bipin Kumar Tripathi Administration RESEARCH-cum-STATISTICAL OFFICER