Publication Cell

Publication Division

1. Journals:

1. Journals:
Sl.No. Name of Journal Period ISSN Department Remarks
1 SHODHA PRABHA Quarterly(Trilingual) 0974-8946 Research Dept. Approved by U.G.C.
2 SUMANGALI Half Yearly(Trilingual) 2229-6336 Centre for Women's Studies Approved by U.G.C.
3 BHAISHAJYA JYOTISH MANJUSHA Half Yearly(Trilingual) 2348-0890 Department of Jyotish Approved by U.G.C.
4 VASTU SHASTRA VIMARSH Annual(Trilingual) 0976-4321 Department of Vastu Shastra Approved by U.G.C.

2. Book Publications:

  • (a) To publish books and collection of essays edited by Department of Research.
  • (b) To Publish "Shikshajyoti" of Faculty of Education.
  • (c) To Publish "Vidyapeeth Varta" edited by Department of Research.

3. Sale of Publications

  1. (a) Distribution, Sale and maintenance of published books & Journals.
  2. (b) Maintenance of manuscripts and showing it to scholars from time time.
  3. (c) Participation in book fair.
  4. (d) Display stall for the sale of books during Book fairs.
  5. (e) Maintain documents related to books & present the same as and when required in meetings.