Department of Paurohitya

Ever since ages, the yagnas and anuanusthanas have been conducted by paurohits. The department of Paurohitya undertakes the studies of karma kand, upasana kand and other disciplines. Anusthanas play vital role in the refinement and upliftment of a person. This department tries to spread this knowledge system for the well-being of society. It further initiates to bring to the fore the social visibility of the sanskaras like Gathbhandhan, puvasvan, naamkaran, annaprashan etc. The department also conducts courses on environmental interests besides courses on Kaal-nirnaya ?& muhoorta.
The department of purohitya runs part time courses like six months paurohitya training & paurohitya Diploma.

Study Material/References

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Faculty Details

S. No. Photo Name Department Designation
1 Ram Raj Upadhyaya Prof. Ram Raj Upadhyaya Department of Paurohitya PROFESSOR
2 Brundaban Dash Prof. Brundaban Dash Department of Paurohitya PROFESSOR