Department of Hindu Studies

Shiv Shankar Mishra

Prof. Shiv Shankar Mishra
Head of Department
Professor, Department of Research
01.06.2021 to further order

Year of Establishment: 2021

About the Department

Hindu Studies is the study of the perennial traditions of Hindus' wisdom, encapsulating various aspects of their life and activities. The intellectual tradition of Hindus is inter-disciplinary, where the textual and the oral, the verbal and the visual, the scientific and the metaphysical, and the transcendental and the functional are interlocked as parts of a whole.Hindu Civilization is no different from Sanatan Civilization or Vedic Civilization. It possesses rich knowledge systems capable of addressing and resolving our modern world's enormous challenges. Hindu Studies is not just limited to the studies of Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, and other epics, but it is throw light on the importance of economics and culture, politics, geography, foreign policies, Law and jurisprudence, and the Psychology of the society that played a vital role in shaping our perception of Hinduism as a religion. Hinduism is a very unique tradition that does not have one philosophy, one god or one practice that becomes the basis of its identity. It is an ancient tradition that grows over time to incorporate diverse beliefs and practices. Its profound influence on everyday life on the Indian subcontinent leads to it being defined as a way of life.

The Department of Hindu Studies was established in the year 2021 during the tenure of Former Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ramesh Kumar Pandey for preserving Sanskrit and Sanskriti in the University. Our university is the first university to conduct Hindu studies course in all over India. The inaugural session of the first session of this course organized under the chairmanship of Prof. Murlimanohar Pathak, Vice Chancellor of the University on 18.11.2021, in which Vice Chancellor of Indira Gandhi National Open University Prof. Nageshwar Rao as the chief guest benefitted everyone with his dialect. Since the inception of the department, Prof. Shivshankar Mishra is working as the Head of the Department. Ugc has also started NET (102) in said course. One session of this course has been successfully completed under the direction of the Head of the Department.


Hindu Studies deperment will work on principle of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्). The department of Hindu Studies tries to promote wisdom and knowledge for the auspicious welfare of the universe and to be a Departmet of Excellence in india devoted to empower the prospective intellectuals to foster and promote Hindu Studies with emphasis on Hindu Culture and Sanskrit Literature.


To produce outstanding and competent graduates to disseminate and preserve the multidisciplinary aspects of Hindu heritage by providing an excellent teaching and learning environment.


The Department of Hindu Studies aims to develop excellence in its academic standards and quality of research and to provide knowledge and culture awareness to reach out to the people in the growing need in the field of Sanskrit and culture.

The specific objectives are:

  • To introduce the salient features of Hindu Civilization and facilitate Students acquire a comprehensive and balanced understanding of Hindu Civilization in comparison with other religious traditions in World.
  • To promote the study of Hindu Civilization including a knowledge of Sanskrit language and Hindu Sanskriti in India.
  • To articulate the position of Hindu values in the present context. 
  • To understand the philosophy of truth, justice, freedom, equity and women. 
  • To understand the relationship between Hindu philosophy, practices, economy, history, state, law, arts, religion, literature, culture and societies. 
  • To study other religious, spiritual, and secular traditions, ideologies and systems. 
  • To study of the relationship between religion and spirituality.


Bharat is a geo-cultural phenomenon deeply rooted in the conscience of its land. Moreover, Bharat is an emerging power in the world, especially in economic, military, technological, and cultural power, which significantly heightened interest in Hindus and their civilisation. Moreover, with the heightened strategic importance of India as a global power in terms of its diplomacy, strategic geo-political ties and consumer market, the inquisition related to Hindus Studies is pre-emptively analysed to grow significantly, offering lucrative career opportunities. A MA program in Hindu Studies fills this important gap. The course endeavors to study the origin and history of the Hindus and their literature, mythology, religion, art, culture, philosophy, institutions, and ethics.

Study Material/References

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1M.A hindu studies PSO, COS, POsDownload (849.74 KB) pdf
2Complete syllabus of M.A hindu Studies Download (975.13 KB) pdf