Hostel Discipline:-

  1. Daily attendance of students is compulsory after admission in hostel.
  2. Students absent in the hostel without the permission of the warden will have to give explanation in writing. In absence of satisfactory explanation, students should pay Rs. 5/- per day as punishment charge. Continuously absent students for seven days without permission will be terminated from the hostel.
  3. Students have to take permission to leave hostel in prescribed application form from the warden.
  4. If a student requires leave during working days of the University then he can apply to the warden. If any urgency happened he can get special permission from the warden in writing
  5. Taking note of the reputation of the University, Hostel students are expected to lead a disciplined life.
  6. To quarrel with the care-taker/attendants of the hostel or humiliate them will be deemed as misconduct. Disciplinary action/ termination will be initiated against such students.
  7. Quarrelling with servants of the hostel or offending them etc. will be treated as crimes and disciplinary action will be taken against such wrongdoers.
  8. Use of non-vegetarian food items, smoking items, etc. is strictly prohibited in hostel premise.
  9. If any student is found in possession of any arms and ammunitions then he will be terminated with immediate effect.
  10. Students will be responsible for the security of their own valuables. They should keep their personal box or almirah located.
  11. If any student has a bicycle or scooter, then he must inform the warden in writing. The security responsibility will be of the student himself.
  12. No student will keep heater, press or any personal electronic item in the hostel. If found, he will be fined Rs. 100/- minimum and the item will be kept in custody. However the items like radio, transistor, and tape-recorder be moderately played on, so that they should not disturb other students.
  13. Students are expected to vacate their rooms before summer vacations and inform the same to the warden. If any students does not do the same then his room will be opened in the presence of the officers detailed by the Registrar and the items will be kept in the custody of the concerned officer. The student will not be given hostel facility from the next session.
  14. Terminated students of the University cannot share rooms with hosted inmates in any way. The student who will breach this will be considered guilty. As a result his allotment will be called-off.
  15. If a student remains absent for 10 days after long vacation without information, then his allotment will be cancelled.
  16. The decision of the warden will be accepted by all. In specific cases, students can give application to the Registrar/ V.C through Warden. The decision of the Vice-Chancellor will be final.
  17. The University employees can also take food in Hostel mess after paying prescribed amount.
  18. Hostel student must keep his identity-card with himself. He must show it to the officer/Guard/Chowkidar as and when asked for. Not doing so many invoke action against the student.
  19. Outside students are not allowed in Hosted-Recreation room.
  20. The time of the opening of Recreation Room will be 7:00 AM to 8:00 A and 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
  21. Entry in the Hostel/Mess is prohibited without hosted identity card.