E.g., 25/10/2021
E.g., 25/10/2021
S. No. Title Date Details Amendment/Corrigendum
1 Quotation for Purchase of Care Pack of IBM/Lenovo Blade Centre “S” (Chassis) & Blade Servers in the University 20/10/2021 Download (1.44 MB) pdf -
2 NIT regarding roof treatment of building of the University during 2021-22(S.H: Water Proofing, plastering, distempering, painting, etc. complete) 08/10/2021 Download (351.72 KB) pdf -
3 Letter of Work Commencement regarding regarding the work of making aluminum cabins etc. in the underground floor of the University's Swarna Jayanti Sadan during the year section 2021-22 29/09/2021 Download (215.66 KB) pdf -
4 Notification for Vendor regarding conversion of room no.202 of Saraswat Sadhna Sadan in virtual e-class room during 2020-21(S.H.: Soundproofing/Acoustic work, furnishing, electrification & VRV/VRF type air conditioning system etc. complete) 03/09/2021 Download (132.73 KB) pdf -