Special Lecture Series by the Department of Vastushstra

  • On 14.02.23, the inaugural session of the special lecture series was organized by the Department of Vastushastra.
    The session was presided over by Honorable Vice-Chancellor Prof. Murlimanohar Pathak. In this session, as the keynote speaker, Prof. PSN Rao, Director, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, delivered a lecture on the topic NAVARITIH (New, Affordable, Validated, Research Innovation Technologies for Indian Housing). The subject of the special lecture series is the enforcement of Head of the Department Vastushastra, Prof. Devi Prasad Tripathi. The session was moderated by Dr. Deshbandhu.
    In this inaugural session, all the teachers and research students, students of the Department of Vastushastra were present. Along with this, many participants interested in the subject of Vastushastra also participated in this series of lectures.