A special lecture organized by Sarvadarshan Department

  • Special lecture proposed by Dr. Vijay Gupta, Assistant Professor of Sarvadarshan Department, in continuation of the University's office order number: F.9 (73)/L.B.S.R.S.V./Vikas/2023/811 dated 06.10. 2023 at 03:30 PM in University Seminar Room No. Held in 03. Under the chairmanship of the Honorable Vice-Chancellor of the University, the program was started with Vedic and secular invocation as per Indian tradition. After that the chief speaker Prof. Krishnakant Sharma ji was hospitably welcomed and felicitated. Senior Professor of the department, Prof. Sangeeta Khanna ji gave the welcome address. Head of Philosophy Prof. A.S.Aaravmudan ji introduced the topic. As the keynote speaker, retired professor of Kashi Hindu University, Prof. Krishnakant Sharma ji's 'Sankhyayogadarshanyoranth Sambandh' was a very meaningful and informative lecture on this topic. Acharya of Sarvadarshan Department Prof. Jawaharlal ji conducted the program.

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