Organ donation awareness campaign

  • "Youth Encouraged to Promote Organ Donation Awareness"
    On February 2, 2024, the university hosted an "Organ Donation Awareness Campaign" aimed at enlightening the young generation, who have inherited India's rich heritage and culture, about the importance of organ donation. Professor Murali Manohar Pathak, the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor of the university, emphasized the significance of organ donation in his keynote address. He revealed his personal commitment to organ donation and urged others to follow suit.
    Dr. K. L. Thakur, the main speaker, delivered a concise lecture on the subject, highlighting its importance to students, faculty, staff, and officers present at the event. His speech inspired attendees to consider organ donation positively. The program's successful execution was credited to Dr. Prem Singh Sikarwar's effective coordination.
    The Registrar of the University, along with the Head of the Student Welfare Chair, other professors, officers, employees, and students actively participated in the campaign.