Food Management Committee

Food Management Committee

Food Management Committee is elected for one month. Selection to the next management committee is get done before two days of the month end. A person can be member of the management committee only once in a year i.e. if he/she has been elected as member the committee in this month or in any other month, he cannot be elected, in no case, to the committee again.

Food Management Committee will constitute one - Chariman, One- Secretary and five - members.

At least one representative will be elected from each class. Here class means Shastri, Siksha Shastri, Acharya, Sikshacharya and Vidya Varidhi class.

The food management committee will be constituted by hostel occupying students on the approval of hostel Superintendent. The Superintendent will, if such situations arose make alternative food arrangements on contract basis by contractors. For this arrangement the Food Management Committee will co-operate the Superintedent. Additional student/ guest meals can be provided after availing the necessary coupons. Cost of guest meals will be Rs.20/- for a general meal and Rs.30/- for a Special meal.

For this Management committee Rs.1/ will be deducted from guest meal bills of each guest and will be deposited in office for coupon arrangements etc. Groceries for food will be purchased from supper bazaar/ Kendriya Vhandar or from local market. The list of groceries will be prepared by the management committee and will be purchased after approval of the Superintendent on the basis of which payments to the concerned supper bazaar/ Kendriya Bhandar or local market will be made by the office.

For vegetables, gas etc on the direction of Superintendent advance amount will be given from Hostel account to the Management Committee and bills thereof should be deposited in the office after verification of the Superintendent before drawing next advance amount.

The management committee will look after the canteen. The superintendent, from time to time, will see the cleanliness of the canteen, standard of foods and on a regular basis appropriateness of monthly expenses of the canteen. The superintendent will conduct hostel arrangements with the cooperation of Dy. Superintendent and Observer. The superintendent and Dy. Superintendent will be appointed by the Vice Chancellor among the lecturers or other officers of the Vidyapeeth on consultation with the Students Welfare Committee Heads. The observer will be appointed among the hostel occupying students by the Superintendent. Dy. Superintendent and Observer are answerable to the Superintendent. The Superintendent is answerable is to the Student Welfare Committee heads and the Vice Chancellor. Each committee will place the accounts of expenses towards food on the hostel notice board upto 5th day of the month, payments thereto will be made by the students upto 15th day of the month. A fine of Rs.1/- per day will be imposed thereafter for violating this rule. The student who will not pay his upto 20th day of the month will be expelled from the hostel and the dues due to him will be deducted from his security deposit money. In such cases decision of the Vice Chancellor / Student Welfare Committee will be final and binding. The students are required to take food compulsorily twice a day from the hostel. In case of illness or prior permission taken from the superintendent to go outside of the hostel, if the student does not take food from the hostel that will be treated as absent meal and he would not be required to pay for such absent meals. If a student takes one meal a day, he has to bear up the food expenses for the entire day. For one guest meal around one and half time more charges will be taken for that guest meal. Guest meal charges are required to be paid instantly. General more than 7 days absent meal will not be approved. In special cases after leave granted from their respective classes more than 7 days absent meal may be granted.

N.B. : In case the Food Management Committee could not be formed or arranged, the Superintendent is empowered to make necessary arrangements according to the orders of the Vice Chancellor, which is binding on the students. An approximate expense of Rs.300/- per month per student is estimated. Student should take admission to the hostel after making necessary arrangements for the aforesaid expenses.

    • The doctor, from time to time, appointed by this Vidyapeeth will be checking students health.
    • If any student of the hostel falls ill he is required to intimate it to the Hostel Superintendent for appropriate action. As far as possible students are required to get treatments done from Government Hospitals.
    • Any guest or guest students, who wants to meet the students, may meet them in the reception room of the hostel. They will not be permitted to meet in the living rooms of students. Generally students should refrain themselves from the practice of meeting guests after 1 A.M.
    • Co-occupying any guest students with them are completed banned. With the written permission of the Superintendent the guest can stay with the hosteller. The Superintendent will mention it in the Guest Register.
    • If any guest/ guest student were found staying in the hostel without any prior permission, the hosteller with whom he was staying would be fined Rs.100/- immediately.
  1. Girl students and women are completed denied entry into the hostel. If any subject has not been incorporated in the Hostels Rules and Regulation, decision of the vice Chancellor will be final in such context.