S. No. Details
1 Notification regarding the quarterly meeting of the Hindi Rajbhasha Committee Download (711.46 KB) pdf
2 Notification regarding Annual Sports Competition 2022-23 Download (720.99 KB) pdf
3 Notice regarding Annual Sports Championships 2022-23 Schedule Download (852.71 KB) pdf
4 Notice regarding Annual Sports Competition Download (663.91 KB) pdf
5 Notification regarding One day workshop on the construction of achievement test organized by the Teaching Learning Center has been canceled Download (133.26 KB) pdf
6 Office order regarding organization of National Self-study Workshop by Dharmashastra. Download (561.53 KB) pdf
7 Office order regarding organization of National Seminar by Mimamsa Department Download (595.44 KB) pdf
8 Office order regarding the organization of three-day National Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurvedic Seminar by Yoga Department Download (680.11 KB) pdf
9 Notice regarding postponement of regular classes of Vidyavaridhi Semester Course Download (723.28 KB) pdf
10 Office order regarding organization of one day seminar on March 18, 2023. Download (642.05 KB) pdf