Vigilance Cell

Prof. Rachna Verma Mohan

Prof. Rachna Verma Mohan
Chief Vigilance Officer

The Cell was established on 6th June 1994. Presently, the chief vigilance officer is Prof. Rachna Verma Mohan.

List of Appointed Vigilance Officers of the OfficerTenure
I Prof. S. P. Chaturvedi 06.06.1994 TO 05.02.2006
II Prof. Ramesh Kumar Pandey 06.02.2006 TO 27.07.2007
III Prof. Shashi Prabha Jain 10.08.2007 TO 07.11.2007
IV Prof. Prem Kumar Sharma 15.12.2007 TO 22.12.2010
V Prof. Shashi Prabha Jain 23.12.2010 TO 26.07.2011
VI Prof. Ramesh Chandra Dash Sharma 27.07.2011 TO 15.07.2013
VII Prof. Devi Prasad Tripathi 20.08.2013 TO ------
VIII Prof. Harihar Trivedi 11.06.2015 TO Till Now

Annual Reports of Vigilance Work

Annual Report of Vigilance Work - Year 2011 Vigilance Awareness Week(29th Oct 2012 - 03rd Nov 2012)