Hostel Admission eligibility:

  1. The students will be admitted in the hostel as per the rules framed by management committee.
    • The scholars trained in traditional system will be given priority.
    • The student registered for the course of Shastri, Acharya, Shiksha Shastri and Shikshacharya and for research work will be given priority as far as possible.
    • The students of Shastri-1st year, Acharya-1st year, Siksha Shastri, Sikshacharya will be allotted the hostel on the basis of merit list. The student of Shastri first and Acharya first year classes who have been allotted the hostel by the admission committee will be again given the hostel facility if they pass in the class provided no complaint is lodged against them (application form is required in the office).
    • The students who have completed Acharya and Shiksha Shastri in one subject and are pursuing Acharya in another subject or those who have completed Acharya in two subjects and are pursuing Acharya again in a third subject will not be allotted a place in the hostel.
    • Any student will not be eligible for a place in the hostel only on the basis that he had been allotted a place in the hostel in the previous year. Old students will have to follow the same process which a new student has to follow to obtain a place in the hostel. This includes submitting application form before official last date, presenting certificate of the passed examinations and appearing for interview before the admission committee.
    • The students who take admission in institutions other than this Vidyapeeth for studying will be separated from the hostel.
    • The student who is found studying regularly in other institutions or appearing privately in the examination of other institutions or found to be working full time or part time will be expelled from the hostel and their admission will be cancelled.
    • Local students and the students whose parents or near relatives live in Delhi will not be allotted a place in the hostel.
    • Failed students will not be given a place in the hostel.
    • Regular students of Vidya Varidhi will be admitted in the hostel. The students of Vidya Varidhi will not be allowed to live in the hostel during their research work and two years after the registration.
    • The students of Vidya Varidhi will be allotted the hostel subject-wise in case of vacancy.
  2. Form for hostel admission must be submitted in the office by the last date. Specified affidavit must be given along with admit card. Forms reaching the office after the last date will not be considered.
  3. A student can enter the hostel only after being admitted to the hostel. No students will be admitted in the hostel without admission acceptance. If a student enters the hostel without acceptance letter, he will not be admitted in the Vidyapeeth and if he is already enrolled then his admission will be cancelled.
  4. The decision of the management committee will be last regarding admission to hostel. The admission committee not bound to give reasons for not admitting a student in any situation.
  5. The admitted student will not be allowed to prepare food in any room. If any student violates this rule, he will be expelled immediately.
  6. The admitted student will have to pay the following compulsory fees:-
    Three Seated Two Seated Single Seated
    Hostel Entrance fee 50/- 50/- 50/-
    Hostel Management Expenditure 500/- 500/- 500/-
    Place rent 500/- 750/- 1000/-
    Electricity & Water Charges 300/- 350/- 400/-
    Identity Card 50/- 50/- 50/-
    Security Money 1000/- 1000/- 1000/-
  7. Directive principle of Hostel Allotment
    • There are 16 single seated rooms, out of which 14 rooms are reserved for Vidya Varidhi and 2 for Shikshacharya.
    • There are 16 double seated rooms, which can accommodate 32 students, 22 places are for Acharya and 10 for siksha shastri.
    • There are 16 rooms which can accommodate 3 persons each. Out of these one room will be used Doctor, Watchman and for office. Remaining 14 rooms can be allotted to 42 students of Shastri class.
    • After allotment of rooms as per rule the remaining rooms will be allotted to the students by the hostel management committee.
  8. It is necessary to deposit the prescribed fee within a weeks of the recommendation of the hostel admission committee. On failing to do so the place will be allotted to other student from the waiting list.
  9. If any thing is stolen or damaged in the room, the value will be recovered from the security money of the students residing in the room.
  10. It is required in allotting room in hostel that generally a room shall be allotted to the students of same class. The decision of the founder in this context is final. He can exchange allotted rooms, if required, without any reason thereof and any appeal thereto will not be entertained.
  11. The Hostel Superintendent shall have the right to constitute the following sub-committees of students every month:
    • Food management committee.
    • Fasting committee.
    • Cultural, Games and Entertainment Committee.
    • Health and Pradgan decoration Committee
. Food Management Committee