Responsibility of Hostel Students

  1. Each student will be responsible for cleaning his room, take care of the instruments, if any, and cleaning of the floor. To keep peace and maintain discipline in the hostel is required and these are vital responsibilities which student are required to carry out with devotion and dedication. To carry out orders of the Superintendent and orders of different committees and sub-committees are prime responsibilities of hostel occupants.
  2. No advertisements, meetings can be organized by the hostellers without the prior permission of the Superintendent. The hostellers are compulsorily required to take part in all the educational seminars etc organized by this Vidyapeeth. Only on the written permission of the Superintendent, they can be permitted for non-participation in these events.
  3. he students can arrange lectures, seminars, Shastrartha, Poets group meeting etc for their moral, intellectual, physical and cultural development with the direction of the Superintendent.