Discipline in the Hostel

  1. After taking admission to the hostel each student is required to be present regularly.
  2. Attendance of the hostellers will be taken by the Superintendent.
  3. If any guest/ guest student were found staying in the hostel without any prior permission, the hosteller with whom he was staying would be fined Rs.100/- immediately.
  4. The student who will remain absent from the hostel, the very next day he has to give written clarification to the Superintendent mention reason thereto. If the clarification is not found satisfactory, the student has to pay a fine of @Rs.5/- per day for the day or days but if the student remains absent continuously for 7 days, he will be expelled from the hostel.
  5. Superintendent's prior permission is required for leaving the hostel
  6. During the period when classed would be taken in the University, if any student wants to take leave from the hostel, he is compulsorily required to place his written application for leaving the hostel to the Superintendent. If there is any difficulty for any student to be present in the hostel, he is required to take special permission from the Superintendent to that effect. Leave only will be permitted on written requests.
  7. Keeping in mind the reputation of this esteem institution students are required to lead an abstemious lifestyle.
  8. Quarrelling with servants of the hostel or offending them etc. will be treated as crimes and disciplinary action will be taken against such wrongdoers.
  9. Students should completely abstain from consuming intoxications, smoking, Non-vegetables (Fish, meet, eggs etc.).
  10. If any student is found keeping any lethal weapons, he will be immediately expelled from the hostel.
  11. The students who have their own cycle or motorcycle etc. are required to take care of their vehicles at their own risk.
  12. No student can keep heater, radio, electric iron etc personal electric equipments in the hostel. If any such equipments are found in the hostel with any student, they will be fined Rs.50/- and the equipment(s) will be seized. Battery operated transistor, radio, tape recorders etc while listening to them it should be kept in mind that no other student(s) should get disturbed in their study by you.ir own risk.
  13. Before summer vacation, each student is compulsorily required to vacate the room within 5 days of completion of his examination and submit to the Superintendent. If any student violates this rule, without any prior intimation lock of his room will be broken in the presence of the officers nominated by Chief Secretary and his belongings etc. will be kept under the custody of the concerned officer and such students will be allotted hostel in the forthcoming session.
  14. If any student will abet the student or students expelled from the hostel or the University or will facilitate his entry into the hostel, he will be considered as guilty.
  15. If any student, after long vacations of the University, will not report to the hostel upto 10 days of opening of the University without prior intimation, his allotment of seat in the hostel will be canceled.
  16. Those students will be displaced from the hostel who will be absent for more than 7 days without prior permission of the Superintendent. Thereafter the Superintendent, in the presence of Chief Secretary or any representative of him or himself, will break the lock of the room and after preparing a list of his belongings will deposit it in the University and the room will be allotted to another student.
  17. The decision of the Superintendent will be final and binding in respect of questions of administration of the hostel. But in special cases the students may send his application form to the Vice Chancellor/ Student Welfare Head through the Superintendent. In this context decisions of the Vice Chancellor/ Student Welfare head will be final.
  18. If the personnel of the University want to take meals or Tiffin from the