You are our honoured guest and we welcome you to our Guest House. The management of the guest house will try its best to make your stay comfortable. To enable us to provide you our best services during your stay here, you are requested to please note the following guidelines.

  1. Bed tea will be served in your room where as breakfast/lunch/evening tea/dinner will be served in the dining hall.
  2. For lunch you need to order during breakfast time and for dinner latest by 4.00 p.m.
  3. Kindly inform day's programme before leaving the Guest House to enable us to answer queries.
  4. Kindly close water taps and switch off geyser/AC/light heater etc., when you do not require them
  5. You are requested to leave your keys with the Reception Counter whenever you go out.
  6. Kindly clear your dues on the departure in time between 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on working days and from 9.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. on off days/holidays.
  7. Payment is to be made in cash by the guest unless the Institute provides the visitors free hospitality.
  8. Not more than two adults are allowed to stay in one room.
  9. No over stay will be allowed without any extension/permission granted.
  10. Laundry service is available on request in the morning.
  11. You should have no objection to sharing accommodation in case of emergency.
  12. Your booking for stay is purely PROVISIONAL as category not belonging to University.
  13. No cooking is allowed in the rooms.
  14. One attendant will be at your service during odd hours.
  15. Contact Caretaker in case of fire on phone No. 50
  16. You may ask the night duty attendant for Taxi service or ask reception for Taxi service.
  17. Telephone Nos. of Air/Rail can be referred in the internal directory on the reception counter.
  18. STD facilities are available in the Campus.
  19. Separate sheet for charges of Boarding and Lodging is attached.
  20. Kindly feel free to give your suggestion to the manager/officer-in-charge.
  21. Mineral water is available on request.
  22. Photo-copy facilities are available on request.
  23. Delhi MAP is available in front of Receiption.
  24. House Keeping job is done between 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
  25. TRAINS AT GLANCE (INDIAN RAILWAYS) can be referred at Reception Counter.
  26. For RAILWAYS enquiry please DIAL 131 on PABX phone.
  27. Taxi stand phone Nos. 2696 4128/2658 1403
  28. PROHIBITED: (I) Drinking of liquor, (II). Extra-person in a room (a). Not more than two adults are allowed in a room, (b). Extra beds are not available limited number of mattress are available (not for all). Maximum of one mattress can be provided for children, if mattress is not already existed in other rooms. (c). Hiring of beds/mattresses from outside and placing them in FGH rooms is not allowed.

Guest House Checklist:

Item Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
Towel 1 2
Pillows 1 2
Bed Sheet 2 4
Hanger 4 4
Water Jug 1 1
Glasses 2 2
Guest - Soap 1 2
Toilet Paper Role 1 1
S. No. Faculty/SR/PG Award Name
Bucket and Mug 1 1
Ash Tray 1 1
Blankets 2 4

Change of Linen: after 72 hours