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Notice regarding Nov-Dec semester exam for regular and Part-time courses during 2019-20   
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Notice for Walk in interview for vacancy of 01 Research Assistant on contract basis under ICHR project   
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Notification regarding list of students will be awarded Ph.D. degree for timeline: 01.09.2019 to 30.09.2019
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Notification regarding results of supplementary examination for Shastri and Acharya course students
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Office order regarding oral test of M.Phil. Students
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A special Convocation of the Vidyapeetha was held on 3rd December, 1993 in Rashtrapati Bhawan in which a Honorary Vachaspati Degree was conferred on Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma the President of India. Many eminent persons bureaucrats Sanskrit scholars from India and abroad, scholars from other fields, persons interested in Sanskrit, officials from various Sanskrit Universities & Institutions and others attended the function. The then Vice-Chancellor of the Vidyapeetha Dr. Mandon Mishra recited shlokas in honour of the President of India. Amidst applause, the Hon’ble President was honoured with Vachaspati degree. While speaking on the occasion, the President of India expressed his heartfelt happiness on being honoured by the Vidyapeetha. He also appreciated the Vidyapeetha for its exceptional services in the field of Sanskrit.



The First Convocation

The First Convocation of the Vidyapeetha was held on 15th of February, 1994 and the President of India, Hon'ble Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma was the Chief Guest on this occasion. Shri Goda Subramaniam Shastri, (Madras) and Pt. Vishwnath Shastri Datar, Varanasi were honoured with the Mahamahopadhyaya title and Pt. Karunapati Tripathi Varanasi, Raj Vaidya Brihaspati Dev Triguna (New Delhi), Dr. Oscar Boto(Italy), Dr. Chajuo Ajuma (Japan) were honoured with Vachaspati Degree. In this convocation, degrees were conferred on 45 students for Vidyavaridhi, 7 for Shikshacharya, 177 for Acharya, 577 for Shiksha Shastri, and 179 for Shastri, totaling 985.



Second Convocation

The Second Convocation was held on 11th of January, 1996. The convocation address was delivered by renowned scholar Dr. Karan Singh. On this occasion, honorary Vachaspati degree was conferred on Dr. Karan Singh (Delhi), Shridhar Vasudev Sohni (Pune), Vaidya Shri Nanak Chand Sharma (Delhi), Prof. Anant Lal Thakur (Calcutta) and Pt. Ram Prasad Tripathi (Varanasi). Shri T.S. Srinivas Shastri (Pune) was honoured with the title Mahamahopadhyaya. In his address Dr. Karan Singh spoke on the importance and use of Sanskrit in public life and high lighted its bright future. This occasion was also chosen for organizing a week long Saraswat programme in which various functions like Sharadiya Jnan Mahotsava, M.M. Pt. Pattabhiram Shastri Vyakhyanamala, Youth festival and Drama festivals were successfully held. The Vice-Chancellor of the Vidyapeetha prof. Vachaspati Upadhyaya gave a new dimension to the presentation and co-ordination of all the programmes and also a new direction to the convocational function. In this convocation, 507 successful students were awarded various degrees i.e. 23 Vidyavaridhi, 7 Shikshacharya, 94 Acharya, 337 Shiksha Shastri and 46 Shastri.



Third Convocation

The Third Convocation was organized during the period 5-11 January, 1999. On this occasion Saptaparni programme was observed which included Saraswata Ishti. Shardiya Jnan Mohotsava, Vyakhyanamala, M.M. Pt. Pattabiram Shastri Vyakhyanamala, inauguration of second batch of Paurohitya training course, Youth festival, Kavya Goshthi (Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi) and drama festival. Convocation speech was delivered by HRD Minister, Dr. M.M. Joshi. Prizes were also distributed on this occasion by Dr. Lakshmi Mal Singhvi, former Ambassador to Britain. Honorary title of Mahamahopadhyaya was conferred on Prof. Govind Chandra Pandey (U.P.), Prof. Heramb Chatterjee, (West Bengal), Prof. Shri Ram Chandudu (A.P.), Dr. Mandan Mishra (Rajasthan), Dr. Bhuvan Chandra joshi (U.P.) and honorary degree of Vachaspati was conferred on Sh. P.C. Deosia (Kerala), Dr. Lakshmi Lal Singhvi (Delhi), Vaidya Sh. Devendra Triguna (Delhi) by the Chancellor.



Fourth Convocation

The Fourth Convocation of the Vidyapeetha was organized on 11th of February, 2000. From 5th to 11th February 2000. Saptaparni Programme was observed which included Saraswata Ishti and Jyotish lecture series, Shardiya Jyan Mahotsava, Vyakhyanamala, M.M. Pt. Pattbhiram shastri Vyakhyanamala, inauguration of Jyotish refresher course, lecture series on the occasion of Sanskrit Year, Youth festival Kavya Ghosti and Natya Samaroha. Convocation speech was delivered by Mahamahopadhyhaya padmashri Dr. Mandan Mishra. On this occasion, Shri Maharaj krishnakav, Education Secretary, Ministry of Human Resourse Development distributed the prizes. Honorary title of Mahamahopadhyaya was conferred on Shri Swami Rambhadracharya (U.P.), Pandit Ratnam K.P. Narayan Pushrod (Kerala), Pt. kalyandutt Sharma (Raj.) and honorary degree of Vachaspati was conferred on Shri Triloknath Chaturvedi U.P., Prof. Dwarka Metsik (Croatia, Europe) by Chancellor. On this occasion 278 successful students were awarded various degrees viz, 11 Vidyavaridhi, 11 Shikshacharya, 74 Acharya, 133 Shiksha Shastri and 49 Shastri. As such from the inception of this Vidyapeetha till the year 2000, students of various classes viz 225 Vidyavaridhi, 100 Shikshacharya, 1991 Acharya, 5402 Shiksha Shastri, 1800 Shastri, have been awarded the degrees of the Vidyapeetha.



Fifth Convocation

The Fifth Convocation of the Vidyapeetha was held on 28th February 2001. This time also Youth Festival and Kavya Goshthi were organized. Mahamahopadhyaya Padmbhushan Dr. Vidya Niwas gave the convocation speech. Prizes were given away by the Chairman of Central Sanskrit Board, Justice Ranganath Mishra, while the Sanskrit Education Minister of Rajasthan, Smt. Kamla gave the special address for the degree holders. The Chancellor conferred the title of Mahamohapadhyaya on Prof. Vidya Niwas Mishra and Prof. Govind Gopal Mohapadhyaya and that of Vachaspati on Smt. Kamla and Shree Ramanujan. This time 19 students were given Vidya Varidhis, 8 Shikshacharya, 132 Acharya, 189 Shikshshastri, and 55 Shastri degrees. Thus in all 403 students were awarded degrees.



Sixth Convocation

The Sixth Convocation of the Vidyapeetha was organized on 17th February 2002. Youth festival and Kavya Goshthi were organized on this occasion. The convocation speech was delivered by UGC Chairman Dr. Hari Gautam. Prizes were distributed by the former Chancellor who also conferred the title of Mahamahopadhyay on Brahamarishi, Dr. Harihar Kripalu Tripathi (U.P) and Prof. O.N.V. Kurup (Kerala) and that of Vachaspati on Prof. Hari Gautam (Delhi), Prof. Ramaranjan Mukherjee (West Bengal) and Dr. Mishlevaysik (Crotia). On this occasion a total of 407 successful students were awarded various degrees viz, 22 Vidyavaridhi, 11 Shikshacharya, 116 Acharya, 180 Shikshastri, and 78 Shastri.



Seventh Convocation

The Seventh Convocation of the Vidyapeetha was held on 11 November, 2003. A Kavya Gosthi was also organized on this occasion. Prof. Ramaranjan Mukherjee, former Chancellor, Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati delivered the convocation speech. Dr. Ved Prakash, Secretary, University Grants Commission conferred Mahamahopadhyaya degree on Acharya Shri Kashinath Mishra (Bihar), Acharya Shri Dhyanveshnarayan Chakarvarti (West Bengal) and Vacahspati degree was conferred upon Justice Shri Sankarnath Kapur(Delhi), Markendeya Katya (Uttar Pradesh). On this occasion, 407 successful students were awarded various degree viz. 36 Vidyapvaridhi, 7 Shikshacharya, 113 Acharya, 166 Shikshashatri and 85 Shastri.



Eightth Convocation

The Eighth Convocation of the Vidyapeetha was organised during 06.12.2005 to 12.11.2005. A week long programme "Saptaparani was organised to mark this occasion. Hon'ble Justice B.N Shrikrishna, delivered the convocation speech while prizes in various fields were given away to the students by Prof. Raj Shekhran Pillai, the officiating chairman of UGC on this occasion. Prof. Kireet Joshi (New Delhi) and Prof. Rajaram Jain(Noida,UP) were conferrred with honorary degree of Vachaspati of the Vidyapeetha by Sidhant Chakravarti Acharya Vidyanand Muni Ji, while Prof. Keshav Ram Kashi Ram Shastri (Gujarat) and Prof. Ramjatanshukl (U.P) were confered with Mahamahopadhyay. On this occasion, 800 sucessful students of the Vidypeetha were conferred with various degrees. Vidyavaridhi 26, Shikshacharya 21, Acharay 258, Shiksha Shastri 340 and Shastri 155.



Nineth Convocation

Ninth Convocation of the Vidyapeetha was organised on 10/11/2006 and a week long programmes “Panchamritam” was organized from 6/11/2007 to 10/11/2007 to mark this occasion. Hon’able (Retd.) Chairman of ICPR Prof. Kreet Joshi deliverd the convocation speech while Dr. Girija Vyas, Chairperson, National Commission for Women, alongwith famous Sanskrit Poet Dr. Shriniwas Rath distributed prizes to the students. On this occasion, Prof. Sriniwas Rath (M.P) and Prof. Jorge Kardona (USA) were conferred with Honorary degree Mahamopadhyaya. Prof.Vishwanath Banerjee (West Bengal) and Prof. Munishwar Jha (Bihar) were coferred with Vidyavachaspati degree. 776 successful students of Vidyapeetha were conferred with various degrees; Vidyavaridhi-03, Acharya-253, Shiksha Shastri-359, Shikshacharya-31, Shastri-130.



Tenth Convocation

The Tenth convocation was organised on 28th November 2007.



Eleventh Convocation

The Eleventh Convocation of the Vidyapeetha was organized on 06/12/2008 and a week long programme was organized to celebrate the occasion. Justice Mukundakam Sharma was the Chief Guest of Convocation. Prof. Lokesh Chandra and Prof. Devarshri Kalanath Shastri were conferred with Mahamahopadhyaya degree and justice Mukundam Sharma and Dr. V.R. Panchmukhi were conferred with Vachaspati degree. 380 students of the Vidyapeetha conferred with various degrees: Vidyavaridhi(13), Shikshachrya(22),ShikshaShastri(198), Acharya(81), Shastri(54) and PG Diploma Vastu Shastra(12).



Twelveth Convocation

The Twelveth convocation was organised on 07th November 2009.


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