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Centre for Women's Studies is established under the UGC scheme of X plan in 2005. Members of faculty were appointed by March, 2006 and the Centre started its functioning by April 2006. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth has the privilege of being the only Sanskrit university with a  Centre for Women's Studies.




 In a traditional environment of Sanskrit University the Centre for Women’s Studies has a special agenda. Major Objectives of the Centre are to :-

  1. Revive the past glory and respect enjoyed by Indian Women.
  2. To highlight the achievements and accomplishments of the women of the past as role models.
  3. Interpret ancient classic texts with a women studies perspective.

MISSION of the Centre:

The Centre is trying to gender sensitize the various sections of the University members. It is also involved in empowering the girl students of the Vidyapeetha campus who are just a minority of 150 girls approximately. Free computer classes, were conducted by the Centre for the girls. As per the UGC directives the Centre runs various programmes in teaching research, training and extension activities.



Teaching :-


A Foundation Course in Women’s Studies is offered to B.Ed students every year The course is of roughly 10 hours duration. The teachers in the making who are to shape our younger generation are gender sensitized. Lectures are given on contemporary women’s issues and women studies concepts.


Research :-


Major thrust of the Centre is on Research. Attempts are made through various short Projects , to interpret Sanskrit Literature, Dharmasastras and allied works    from Women's Studies perspectives
Projects Completed :

  • Images of Woman in Yagnavalkya Smriti by Dr. Bikram Keshari Mishra
  • Women Seers in the Rg Veda:  A Study in Women's History by Dr. Snehi Chauhan
  • Diversions in Educational Aspirations of Women through the Ages by Dr. Rajani Joshi Chaudhuri
  • Sanskrit for Girls: An Analytical Survey by Ms. Savita Rai, Research Assistant

 Projects in Progress:

  • Psychological Study of Gender at the stage of Adolescence.
  • A study of Emotional Intelligence and Adjustment of Girl Students of Vidyapeetha

Publications and Dcoumentation :-


  • Annual Newsletter carries brief report of the activities of the year and is sprinkled with ‘Subhashithms” from Sanskrit texts on women and women’s issues
  • A Compilation of  “Women in the News”  is prepared every year with the title “ Women’s Struggles And Achievements” . It contains news items, articles, discussions on socially and politically relevant issues on women from the leaves of leading newspapers
  • A Book Kalidasa’s Women Characters as Role Models of Women’s Empowerment (2009)  is priced at Rs. 65/
  • A Book of seminar proceedings on Images of Women and Women Empowerment in indian Literature in 2015
  • A Book of seminar proceedings on Gender sensitization:Yesterday and Today in 2016
  • A Book of seminar proceedings on Contribution of Women through Ages in 2017


Journal :-


The Centre brings out its Journal ,” Sumangali– an Annual Publication. It is a Peer reviewed , multi lingual Journal with the ISSN No. 2229-6336

This Journal of gender and heritage focuses on the image of woman in Indian tradition, her achievements and struggles. The Journal will carry studies of theoretical and analytical character. Priority will be given to articles based on Sanskrit texts, culture and heritage. Besides original research articles, the Journal also includes book reviews on texts on women and women’s issues.
Manuscripts not exceeding 6000 words, may be submitted in MS Word Format. The article should be typed in double space following the sixth edition of MLA Handbook, with parenthetical documentation for references and foot note for explanatory note. Articles in Sanskrit and Hindi should have a gist attached in English.
                        Annual Subscription Rates :  Rs.150/ for Individuals
                                                                        Rs. 300/ for Institutions
                     ( Subscription forms may be downloaded by clicking here. )


National Seminars :-

  1. National Seminars on ‘Contribution of Vidushi Vidyotamato in kalidas’s Greatness' 2006.
  2. National Seminars on 'Kalidas’s Women Characters as Role Models of Women’s Empowerment' 2007.
  3. National Seminars on 'Gender and Information Technology: Challenges and opportunities' 2008.
  4. National Seminars on 'Women and Religion' 2009.
  5. National Seminars on 'Women and Education' 2012.
  6. National Seminars on 'Images of Women and Women Empowerment in Indian Literature' 2014.
  7. National Seminars on 'Gender sensitization: Yesterday and Today' 2015.
  8. National Seminars on 'Contribution of Women through Ages' in Feb 2016.
  9. National Seminars on 'Women Empowerment: Retrospect and Prospects' in Dec 2016.


  • Work Shop on Curriculum Development for Women Studies in 2006.
  • Work Shop on Role Model of Women in Festivals of India 2008.
  • Career Guidance for Girl Students in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pushpvihar on 27th July, 2008.
  • Work Shop on Curriculum Development for Women Studies for B.Ed. and M.Ed. classes 2009.
  • Work Shop on Tools Development for Data collection for research project Women through Ages 2010.
  • Work Shop on Curriculum Development for Gender Sensitization as per Saksham Scheme of UGC for Ph.D. course and Graduation level. The already running foundation course syllabus was also reviewed in 2017.
  • Gender sensitization Workshops for M.Ed. classes in every year up to 2014.
  • One day Gender sensitization Workshops for Ph.D., M.Phil. , Acharya and M.Ed. students started from in 2015.


Extension Activities-

  1. Health Check-up Camp for Vidyapeetha Community in Sep2006.
  2. Extension lecture on Health Awareness Programme on Women Centered disorders Jan 2008.
  3. Career Guidance to Girl students in Kendriya Vidyalaya ,Pushp Vihar on 27th July 2008.
  4. Women’s Fate in 2007,Basant Mela in2014 and Empowerment Mela in 2016 to display and sale of women’s folk in Vidyapeetha. Different NGOs, group of women working as un-organised sector and women students of Vidyapeetha.
  5. Women Writer’s Meet on 23rd March 2010 with Chitra Mudgal and Anamika.
  6. Film show on ‘Mother India’ in 2007 and Dangal on 8th March 2017.
  7. Extension Lecture on women nutrition literacy during nutrition week Sep 2017.


  1. Prof.  Rajani Joshi Chaudhari, Department of Education (Specialization in Teaching Technology, Educational Measurement, Educational Administration abd Supervision)
  2. Dr. Savita Rai, Department of Education Assistant Professor(Specilization in Educational Technology)
  3. Mr. Narendra Mehato, MTS
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